‘Say Yes to The Dress: Bridesmaids’ Season 3 Recap: Brawling Bridesmaids

Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids had Lori Allen threatening to kick people out of the store this week!

Christina Hughes had 22 bridesmaids, but only nine were with her at the store. Having nine there was overwhelming and took up most of the area, can you imagine if she had all 22 maids with her?

She was looking for two kinds of dresses–one for the traditional bridesmaids and one for the Biblical bridesmaids. Biblical bridesmaids? No, you weren’t alone if you were asking what that meant. Not even the maids who wore the title knew what it meant. The Biblical bridesmaids were going to light the way for the ceremony since the church wasn’t large enough to incorporate all 22 bridesmaids. No, they didn’t have to be covered in olden time costumes, but wore traditional maids dresses.Meet the Team

Lori said Christina needed to step up and take charge when she wanted to please everyone. She also said that Christina’s need to please people was also the reason she had so many bridesmaids. Too true.

Since Christina was adamant about pleasing the maids, Ashley the consultant started out with their choices in chiffon. A lot of the girls liked the chiffon dresses, but Christina didn’t look very happy. She continued to worry about making her maids being happy and was afraid to.

Visit source bob mitchell’s blog site.say she didn’t love them, because she was didn’t want to upset anyone.

Ashley moved on to taffeta dresses, which made Christina smile. However, the maids didn’t like them.

One of the bridesmaids stepped up and said she would wear what Christina liked. The others backed her up and Christina chose the taffeta dresses. Once that decision was made, the choice was easy, and Christina said, “Yes, to the dress.”

Across the salon, LaShenae Butler brought in her bridesmaids, who were her closest friends from high school. She wanted the maid of honor in red, with everyone else in silver.

Two of the girls had an old high school rivalry and attempted to one up each other.

Kristin, the maid of honor, said she didn’t like Alisha because she acted like she was better than anyone else back in high school.

Alisha said she was happy and popular in high school and Kristin was jealous.

It sounds like there must have been a guy involved in that fight given the animosity that bounced off of them. It seemed like much more than just dislike. If it was, they would ignore each other. Instead, the hostile chemistry had enough heat to inflame the store.

Alisha said she was just as important as Kristin and wanted to wear red as well. Wow. There’s nothing like proving your rival’s point. Who did LaShenae choose as her maid of honor?

Brandon, the consultant said they needed to leave the bickering in the high school parking lot. Amen to that. They acted like they were there to taunt each other more than looking for dresses to wear as they walked down the aisle at one of their best friend’s wedding.

When Kristin found a dress she loved, Alisha disapproved and degraded her.

Alisha said that Kristin was the reason her and her high school boyfriend broke up, so she wasn’t going to get anything but attitude from her. Ah ha! Who didn’t see that? Okay, now what does that have to do with LaShenae? It’s HER wedding, not Alisha’s!

Lori said they needed to grow up and realize they were shopping for a wedding, not a prom. She also said they belonged in a boxing ring instead of a bridal party. Too true.

Brandon had all the maids try on red dresses that they picked out. Alisha wanted it to be all about her and wanted something that made her look hot.

Brandon put them in silver for the next round. Kristin looked gorgeous in the silver, but she didn’t want the same color as everyone else, which set off a loud argument between her and Alisha.

Lori was fed up and said if they didn’t get their act together within the next five minutes, she was going to kick them out of the store. Woo hoo! Go, Lori!

LaShenae picked out the one she liked, but Alisha didn’t want to wear it in silver, but preferred it in black, which set off another war with Kristin. Since black was her fiancee’s favorite color, and red was her favorite color, she decided the bridesmaids would wear that dress in black with red accessories and the maid of honor would wear in black with red accessories. Once that was figured out, she said, “Yes, to the dress.”

Mia Fields came in with her bridesmaids for their final fitting a month before the wedding. All of them had gained weight! Yikes! Krissy’s dress wouldn’t zip at all. They didn’t know what they were going to do.

Krissy looked sensational as she walked down the aisle as a bridesmaid in the dress after having it let out.

What did you think of the huge bridal party?

What did you think of the high school rivals on Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids?

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Dress code for a wedding?

Miss Manners tells us that we include a “dress code” in the invitation only if that dress code is white tie, black tie, or fancy dress. “Fancy dress” doesn’t mean cocktail dresses, it means a costume party. Miss M goes on to tell us that terms like “casual” do indeed invite misunderstanding. Far too many people believe that casual means “your gym clothes are fine.”

Traditionally, a wedding invitation was the start of a series of telephone calls — or before the telephone, a series of back-and-forth written messages. It was in these phone calls (or written notes) that the guests learned how dressed up to get, what kind of food and drink to expect, and all those other details that are important and yet do not belong in an invitation.

This model worked well for wedding hosts. However The Wedding Industry created another model that works poorly for hosts, but increases money for wedding vendors — the response kit. Invitation now include cutesy little card and envelope sets that limits communication a circled “yes/no.” on the little card. And hosts are, like you, left with no way to communicate important information.

I suggest that you omit those little response kits. They are expensive and you will end up calling most people anyhow. Instead, wait 2 weeks for phone calls and then put your helpers to work calling those invited. Start the conversation with “An invitation sent to your address may have been lost in the mail” and go from there.

During the conversations, most guests will ask about how to dress, what kind of food to expect, and so on. If they forget to ask, your helpers say something like “You’re probably wondering how dressed up to get. The hosts are asking that gentlemen wear casual business attire, such as khakis and a sports shirt. They hope guests will avoid shorts, tee shirts, athletic shoes, overly broken in jeans, and such avoid styles that may disturb or shock the couple’s grandparents.”

Your helpers never say “You’re probably wondering what sort of gift the couple would like.” But if someone should ask about.

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Your helpers must also be prepared to say things like “There is a misunderstanding. Bart, Lisa and Maggie are not on the guest list” and “I’m sure the families would love to meet your new sweetheart some other time, but the wedding is for people they already know and care about.”

Congrats and best wishes.

Lady Gaga’s meat dress | Reuters.com

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lady Gaga, wearing a meat dress, accepts the award for video of the year for ‘Bad Romance’ from presenter Cher (L) at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, California, September 12, 2010. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lady Gaga, wearing a meat dress, accepts the award for video of the year for ‘Bad Romance’ from presenter Cher (L) at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Discover author logan mason’s internet site.in Los Angeles, California, September 12, 2010. REUTERS/Mike Blake


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